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Sep 28, 2008 - personal Uncategorized

Hello, Wrold!

Well, here’s my second attempt at blogging. I will not say much of the first, except for this sentence. The title of this post would be familiar to anyone who’s worked with programming languages, except perhaps the spelling mistake. Of course, it is deliberate. A C programming lecturer of mine mistyped that for our first example, giving us a good laugh. Indeed, we are/were a lame bunch. He is an awesome fellow, with skills that I strive to achieve, as such I have decided to honour his version of “Hello, World!”. Yet this is not a techie-only blog, perhaps it is not even just a blog. It is my attempt to rekindle my love of writing, it is therapy and venting, pleasure and pain, it is an expression of me, whatever “me” is. — Kamal