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May 11, 2021 - General Personal Reflection

To Family in India

I write this primarily for my friends and family in India, in particular, for those who have at least some inkling of belief in God. In the last week, I have lost an aunt and a cousin, supposedly due to this virus we call COVID-19.

I know nothing of COVID-19. It may or may not exist. It may or may not be deadly. I am but an ignorant fool with little to no medical knowledge.

But ignorant fools tend to view the world with simple, not necessarily simplistic, eyes. And this ignorant fool has had the immeasurable blessing of studying in the BKC, a school where one is taught the art of life and living, for just under three decades now. It is these teachings, not the random words of an ignorant fool, that I wish to share. All blessings are due to the BKC, all mistakes are due to my imperfections (I did say I am an ignorant fool, after all). This is not a promotion of the BKC, but the BKC is the undeniable source of what I am about to share.

Here we go, please hear me out, my family in India, a major birthplace of spirituality, whose people seem to have lost their way in the noise of the politicisation of COVID-19.

  1. No matter what, NO MATTER WHAT, the Will of God, our Supreme Creator, the ONE with Uncountable Names in Uncountable Traditions and Religions is ALL that matters. If God Wills it, then it will happen. All destiny, all karma, remains subservient to this Will.

  2. Wear your masks, take your medicines, take your vaccines, do whatever recommendations well-meaning humans have provided, for they care, for God’s Will works through various media, but never, ever forget point 1. Submit only to that Divine Will, and nothing else.

  3. In truth, COVID-19 is a test of faith in its most practical, real sense. No theory. You must learn to believe in God’s Will. Choose. Believe. Choose to Believe.

  4. Believe yourself to be a creation of the Perfect One. Have confidence in yourself, KNOW that your body is MUCH stronger than any doctor, any virologist makes it out to be. How can you claim to be a creation of the Supreme God and yet be so weak-willed?

  5. For your own mental and physical well-being, stop, STOP wildly consuming the news. In a few days, you will feel way better. News today does not seek to inform you, it seeks to sell advertisements. That is all there is to it. All else is packaging and rhetoric. News is not just TV, it’s Whatsapp groups, and statuses, Facebook statuses, clichéd, idiotic shares from petty people who have nothing better to do with their time.

  6. The mind leads the body. But after a point, they start affecting each other. So take care of both: News seeks to weaken your mind, and then your body follows. Then the body’s weakness further convinces the mind that you are indeed weak. The true health professional knows very well to keep patients in good spirits. Because their immune system depends on it. Such nastiness today, that instead you are injected with fear.

  7. Stop believing politicians. Any politician, it does not matter, they care only for votes, only for power, only for what will keep them in power. NOTHING ELSE. All kindness is meant to support only themselves. Means to an end. Waste no time arguing about politics. They are nearly all shitbags who have long lost any empathy for their fellow creatures.

  8. Stop idiotic family fueds. You have seen death and havoc, your petty, moronic, small-minded fueds have no meaning now. Time to focus on bigger things.

  9. See point 1.

How is it that India, the Land of Spirituality, of the Science of Divine Union (Yoga), has reached this state?

Stand up, already. It is time.

Sallam, Divine Blessings to All Creation
  Kamal V. Advani, BKC
Jakarta, May 11, the 21st Year