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Dec 15, 2021 - General

Response to the Spanish Flu in 1918

Today I came across from a twitter contact: Please note this is a .gov domain — an official US Government site. Unless it has been hacked, it is legitimate.

On the page, search for:

“Directive from Washington, D.C., regarding treatment and procedures. September 26, 1918, Naval Districts and Shore Establishments.”

No direct link to the artifact, sadly.

I have included the image at the end of this post, but by all means, verify.

So this was a scary period, no doubt. Medicine and healthcare were not nearly as advanced. But observe the language: Calm, measured, taking natural immunity into account.

Here are some quotes from it:

Protect yourself from infection, keep well, and do not get hysterical over the epidemic.
You can do much to lessen the danger to yourself by keeping in good physical condition.

Nearly each time I have gotten sick, it has started by just not getting enough sleep.

Eat simple, nourishing food and drink plenty of water. Avoid constipation.

Because constipation slows down the release of toxins from the body quite considerably.

A day in bed at the very beginning may also save you from serious consequences later on.

These remain true as ever; sleep, exercise, and diet go a long way towards keeping and improving health. At times, I have found it beneficial to just force myself, no matter how sick, to move a bit. Certainly, measure your own ability on how much to move.

And the best one:

Fight the disease rationally and do not become unduly alarmed.

It is a far cry from the fearmongering we see in this pandemic.

I am not saying the disease is not real, but the fearmongering far outweighs what the disease is capable of. Additionally, virii are creatures existing possibly from the start of time. Just like us, they evolve and adapt (read: mutate into variants), and everything remains in balance.

If the doomsday epidemiologists had been right, we would have bodies dropping in the street by now.

Wake up. Please.

US gov spanish flu letter