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Oct 2, 2008 - personal

Night Beach

I spent more time at Port Melbourne beach tonight, the wind and the sea and the sand, the sky – decorated with diffused streaks of silver and grey – with its plethora of stars shining brightly, faint semblances of clouds on a mostly clear night. Wow they sure keep my spirits up. I feel their majesty, cold and yet warm at the same time, powerful and yet soothing, the Creative Intelligence permeating these elements of nature, reminding me, “Hey, stay strong, stop crying… things will get better…”. And I managed, I held back, and subdued a surge of emotions that would have normally forced me gasping for breath again, held back not in a suppressive way but counteracted with a more positive outflow. Thank you, Father. I pray I can keep this up.

Hmm, it is nice to sit on the sand… then have the wind, initially not there, come up to greet you, the waves going slightly stronger, the stars brighter. In the distance, the twinkle of lights from various sea vessels. Beautiful.

Well, time to enter dreamland. Sleep is returning, though I still wake up rather sad in the morning… but it is getting better, just need to keep my spirits :).

— Kamal