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Nov 23, 2008 - arts

Native American Music

While YouTube-ing for Reiki material, I came across some Native American music, very interesting. Thing about traditional music is that the simplicity is often astounding. Consider the didgeridoo of the aboriginals. Such music is often deep, trance-inducing, and ancient (I know, duh), dare I even say spiritual.

Anyway, at some point I may look for some Native American or Aboriginal music CDs (feel free to comment on suggestions). In the meantime, here’s a site with streaming internet radio playing Native American music (if the link is broken, just find it from the site, note that it uses an IP address – potentially different hosts are active at different times for load balancing, if the site is broken.. er GIYF™). Not bad at all :-). Those on Linux can use the VLC media player to play most streams. Not sure if mplayer works, but VLC works a-okay.

Okay something strange is happening, for some reason the radio stream is playing something that clearly does not sound native… let’s consider it an interlude – too much depth probably drowns. Especially since I don’t swim, heh.

— Kamal