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Sep 18, 2013 - software dev

Cherry MX Mechanical Key Switches

Came across this article recently explaining the Cherry MX key switches used in mechanical keyboards. Very informative.

On mechanical keyboards, these are some interesting links:

  • Mechanical Keyboards Terms explains the various terminology used in describing properties of a mechanical keyboard. Look through this if you don’t get terms used in the Cherry MX article above.
  • Das Keyboard can be probably be credited as the company that brought the ‘cool-factor’ to mechanical keyboards. Aesthetically beautiful keyboards, too. They even allow selecting your Cherry MX switch, allowing blue, red, or brown. They have a Mac edition too for all you Mac owners.
  • WASD Keyboards sell mechanical keyboards with lots of customisation options!
  • CODE Keyboard is a more recent invention by Jeff Atwood (of Coding Horror and StackOverflow fame) putting together quite a few neat features, his dream mechanical keyboard. I like that it has a Dvorak dipswitch too! Interestingly enough, it uses the clear Cherry MX switches which is non-clicky like the browns, but has a higher actuation force. It went out of stock very quickly!

Now to decide between blue and brown (or clear… hmmm..)… do I want the noise or don’t I want the noise… dilemma, dilemma.