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Oct 13, 2008 - poetry

A Coder’s Slumber

A poetry I wrote during my uni days, am glad I still have a back-up of my old, now dead (RIP), laptop harddrive!

A Coder’s Slumber

Hours have passed Bugs have been squashed Do any remain? To think not would be inane But tis late, or early? To bed I must hurry Class at 5.30, More code at 8.30 Perhaps even time for some curry Wait, what’s this Cement mixers running amiss! How am I to sleep When my ears so bitterly weep Alas it be the day Where nocturnals have no say Forcefully I enter realms of slumber A pox o’ that wretched mixer Adieu.

— Kamal

Oct 13, 2008 - personal


I am thankful that I have a place to go to when this down… home sweet home, that old phrase rings true. Wow… I shudder to think that someday, when I have an issue of this magnitude, and what if I do not have a home to go to, no loved ones to console me even though they do not know the full extent of my pain. I pray such a day never comes. Well, Monday morning in Jakarta, hopefully I get hold of the car and am able to do something. Perhaps a trip to the temple, and then, just for contrast’s sake, the mall. Alone :P. Alas :P. Aye, alas indeed.

— Kamal

Oct 12, 2008 - personal philosophy


I wonder, I wonder, if I fell in love with an essence, something so beautiful within, encompassing, engrossing.

Bright, beautiful, kind, loving, caring. An essence uniquely identifying the Individual, not the Personality. I understand now that Personalities, no matter how different, the Essence within, is beautiful, radiant, ever-compatible. It seems too however, that relationships are governed by both, and in the earthly realm, often Personality dominates. It is unfortunate but true, necessary perhaps. In retrospect, I did not think that our Personalities differed a great deal. Ah well, one can hope, no matter what the outcome.

— Kamal

Oct 11, 2008 - personal poetry


Subtle and intangible

Irrational and incomprehensible

Powerful and life-driving


Never lose it, never tire of it

Live, strive, persist!

Inspire, and be inspired

Know, avoid all doubt


Have Faith


— Kamal